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What Termite Extermination Options Are There?

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Although prevention is often better than cure, if you have ended up with a colony of termites on your property, then you will have to deal with them reactively. In nearly all cases, this will mean a termite extermination strategy that aims to remove them for good. Yes, controlling their numbers can deal with the worst of the problem, but unless you exterminate them all, their numbers could rise once more. What are your main options in the fight against these creatures?

Remove Water Sources

Nearly all creatures will struggle unless they have access to water, and termites are no exception. Many species of subterranean termites, also known as Rhinotermitidae, will build their nest in a place where they can get to water, for example. Therefore, if you notice signs of life under a rotting tree stump where a nest might be, it will be best to look around for a water source nearby. This could be a culvert, a pond, a water feature in your garden, or even a water butt. The best thing to do if your termite extermination strategy is to work will be to drain or divert this water so that the colony no longer has access to it. This will cause them to die out or abandon the nest in search of a more convenient location.

Powdered Termiticides

Insecticides are a powerful ally with termite extermination. It is best to consult a professional in pest control before choosing one because some are better than others in certain situations. Some powdered insecticides only target termites, whereas others will kill any insect life. Some termiticides are more powerful than others, but you can only use them safely where children and pets won't come into contact with them. As such, getting the right product for the right place is a good idea, and professional help can be very beneficial in this regard.

Sprayable Termiticides

Some termiticides are available in a concentrated format that you dilute in water. This means you can alter the strength according to your needs, so they're a bit more versatile than the powdered variety. To get the best out of your liquid insecticide, form a shallow trench in the ground where the termite colony is to encircle them. Spray the termiticide into the trench and then cover it over. This will allow the poison work for longer. Any termite that crosses the invisible enclosure formed by the trench may not die immediately, but it will do so after an hour or so.