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Keep Pests Away From Your Home: 5 Tips

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No one wants pests in their home, but it happens. If you're having a pest problem, you don't need to resort to expensive solutions or chemicals. There are natural ways to discourage pests from entering your home, and once you know what they are, you can start solving the issue immediately.

Seal Up Your Home

The first step is to take a good look around your home and ensure there aren't any points of entry that pests could use to get in. This includes cracks in the foundation, openings around windows and doors and any other areas where air could circulate between the outside and inside of your home. Then, caulk up these areas with an appropriate sealant to keep out all kinds of bugs and rodents.

Clean Up Around Your Home

Pests love messes. Clutter provides them with places to hide and makes them more comfortable in your space. Take some time each week to clean up any messes around your home so that potential pests don't have anywhere to hide or breed. Vacuum carpets regularly, mop flooring, wipe down surfaces and put away items that have been left out for too long — all of these activities will help keep things tidy and discourage unwanted visitors from coming in.

Check for Moisture Sources

Many pests are attracted by moisture sources such as leaking pipes or condensation buildup on walls or windowsills. Inspect your home for areas where moisture may be accumulating, and then fix any leaks or water damage as soon as possible before pests move in for a drink.

Keep Food Items Sealed Up

Another tip is to store food items in sealed containers instead of leaving them open on countertops or shelves where bugs can easily access them. This means putting away pantry items like flour, cereals, grains, etc., into plastic containers after each use so that they don't attract insects looking for an easy meal. Additionally, make sure pet food is picked up after meals and not left sitting out overnight when bugs may come looking for a snack.

Use Natural Defenses

Finally, nature has its own way of helping your home stay pest-free. For example, planting flowers such as marigolds around your perimeter helps deter some types of insects due to the strong scent, while lavender works well against mosquitoes because they dislike its aroma.


With these five tips, you can keep those pesky critters away from your house without using harsh chemicals or expensive solutions. For more advice, contact a pest control service.