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3 Problems That Pests Can Cause for Your Commercial Operation

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If you own a shop or restaurant, you will want to make sure that you keep pests such as rats and mice out of your business premises. Below is a guide to some of the problems that can be caused if pests infest your business.

Damage to your reputation

The primary danger posed to your business by infestations of rodents is damage to your reputation. The standing of your business in the community can be easily tarnished and is extremely hard to restore. If customers spot rats or mice running around your shop or restaurant, they are likely to do three things. First, they will complain to you or your staff and then they will leave your business and never return, thirdly, they will tell their family and friends about what they have seen. Word of mouth is how the majority of businesses survive. If people start to talk trash about your business, you will soon find that fewer and fewer customers walk through the door.

Create health hazards

Even your customers don't directly sight a rat or mouse running around your shop or restaurant, the little buggers can still cause problems. Rats and mice urinate and defecate at frequent intervals. The urine and waste created by rats and mice can harbour a large number of different diseases. If your customers come into contact with the waste produced by rats and mice they could become seriously ill. This will cause three things to occur. Firstly, the customers are likely to launch a compensation claim against your company. Secondly, the press is likely to get involved, and your business's good name will be dragged through the mud. Thirdly, it is possible that environmental agencies will get involved and this could result in you losing your licence to operate your business.

Damage the goods

Finally, even if your customers are made seriously ill by an infestation, and they do not spot the signs that you have mice or rats on your premises, you may still be in trouble. Rats and mice love to chew through things. The means that any stock you have stored at your business premises may be damaged or destroyed by the pests. This could have serious implications in terms of you being able to offer services to your customers.

If you suspect that mice or rats are living in your commercial premises, you should contact a local pest control company such as Blakes Pest Management.