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Five Things to Help You Through a Scorpion Invasion

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Unfortunately, scorpions are a fact of life, but luckily, there are things you can do to keep scorpions away from your home. You simply need the right supplies. If you have a scorpion invasion or just want to ensure you are prepared in case one occurs, here are five items that can help:

1. Machete or Other Plant Removal Tools 

If you have plants bordering your home, they give scorpions a place to hide, and they work as a vegetation bridge between the ground and your home. By eliminating these plants, you discourage scorpions from approaching your home. Just grab a machete, some gardening shears or another tool, and cut them down ruthlessly.

2. Canvas Work Gloves and Long-Sleeved Shirt

As you know, scorpion stings are not lethal in Colorado, but they can be painful. To protect yourself while you are clearing plants, be sure to wear leather or sturdy canvas work gloves and a long sleeve shirt. Ideally, you should complete the outfit with long trousers and closed-toed shoes if you want full body protection.

3. Insecticide

You can buy insecticide designed for spiders and scorpions and use it to create a scorpion barrier around your home. Simply, follow the directions on the container for application guidance. In most cases, it is as simple as spraying a liquid or sprinkling some powder on the area. Make sure that you board your pets for a while or choose insecticides that are not lethal to medium or large mammals.

4. Weather Stripping and Expanding Foam

Now that you've secured the borders, you need to figure out where the scorpions may be breaching your home. Look for crevices around doors and windows. If there is a gap between a door and its frame, attach some weather stripping to the door to eliminate the gap. If you find openings in walls or around windows, use expanding foam to fill them.

5. UV Tracking Light

As many scorpions fluoresce, you can use a UV tracking light to find them. Turn off all the lights in your home, and shine a UV tracking light around the areas where you suspect scorpions. Alternatively, buy a blacklight bulb and install it into any fixture of your home. That can help you identify where the scorpions are located. Once you find where the scorpions are hanging out, apply insecticide to those areas as well.

If these five items don't help you get rid of scorpions, contact a pest control expert. They can provide you with additional guidance and ideas, or they can get rid of the scorpions for you.