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Four Signs You Have A Rat Problem In Your Home

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Rats are most often active at night, making them difficult to see. Since they hide from humans in the day, it may be easier for you to spot signs of a rat infestation, instead of the actual rodent in your home. If you notice any of these signs of a rat problem in your home, you will need intervention from professional pest control services.

Droppings Of Rats

Rat droppings are usually concentrated in specific areas along their habitual travel paths between a hole in your wall and your kitchen or some other area where food is located. Rat faeces are shaped like pellets and are dark in appearance. They harden over time and take on a dull grey look with a dusty texture. Prolonged exposure to rat droppings can cause preventable diseases, so you'll naturally want the pest control services to arrive as soon as you notice these pellet-shaped nuisances because they are sure signs of rats in your home.

Scratching Or Scraping Noises

Many rats are agile climbers and may hide inside open holes or in loft spaces near your roof. If you hear scraping or scratching noises every night, then you can be sure that rats are present in your home either in your roof, inside holes or under floorboards. The pest control services will need to identify and tackle this problem immediately.

Eaten Furniture And Food Packaging

Rats have sharp teeth that are growing constantly. To keep their teeth trimmed, they gnaw on all types of wooden and plastic furniture. In some instances, these rats also chew through electrical wires and can start fires in your home. If you notice ripped plastic or cardboard packaging near food items and furniture with visible marks from teeth, then you should know that rats have made their home in your home.

Floor And Side Wall Scuff Marks

Rats generally follow specific routes along walls and edging boards to get to food sources in different rooms, so if you notice smudges or scuff marks on your floors or side walls then you should know that rats are making their presence felt in your home. This is because their bodies are laden with grease and grime from their holed up hideaways. This dirt ends up staining their pathways as they scurry from one place to the next. You will need to call the pest control services to tackle this problem as soon as possible to prevent a major rat infestation in your home.

If you notice any of these rat signs, be sure to call pest control services like Statewide Pest Control immediately to tackle the problem before it becomes a catastrophic infestation.