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Natural Methods to Get Rid of Ants

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Ants might be small in size, but a colony of ants within your home can be a major pest problem. When you have one ant, you have many ants, which means that you need to take measures that allow you to make your home a space that is not welcoming. Instead of using chemical pest removal products, it is possible to use natural methods of removal that are still designed to deliver real results. When you have ants that are invading your home, it is essential that you are aware of how to get rid of ants using natural methods that are safe for the whole family. 


It is important that you locate where the ants are entering your home from. In most cases, ants have an entry point that is very small and is often a tiny crack. Once you have pinpointed how ants are gaining access into your home, it is possible to keep ants from crossing this point. Ants have a strong natural aversion to cayenne pepper. This means that you can place cayenne pepper at the point of entry and it will keep ants from coming in. It is also possible to use citrus oil, coffee grounds or cinnamon as an alternative to cayenne pepper. If you are going to use citrus oil, make sure that you soak it into a cotton ball instead of just placing the oil directly on the surface of the entry point. It will allow the fragrance of the oil to last longer.


It is often suggested that you remove all food from your cabinets and counters when you are looking to get rid of ants, but it can be a good idea to leave out foods that ants do not like. Ants do not like cucumbers, this is especially true if you choose bitter cucumbers. It is possible to slice cucumbers and leave them on the counter or to place the cucumber peels in the cabinets. The scent of the cucumbers will be enough to keep the ants away.


It is possible to make your own natural colony killers. You can use water, borax and sugar to create a solution that you soak into small cotton balls. You then place these soaked cotton balls into a small yogurt container with a lid that has holes punch in it. You should place this container in any room in your home where ants can be found. The ants will then take the cotton balls back to the colony and it will poison the entire colony. This is a fast method if you want a way to get rid of the entire ant colony in a short period of time.

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