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Termite Treatments and Pet Safety

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If you have a termite infestation on your property, you'll need to call out a pest control company right away to deal with the problem.  But if you have pets in your home, how do you know that the termite treatment is safe for them?  Read on to find out more.

Termiticide and pet safety

Generally speaking, the special termiticides used by professional pest control companies are not harmful to humans, so you and your family won't have to vacate your home during treatment.  However, your pets may be at risk.

Because of their much smaller body size compared to humans, pets can be adversely affected by the chemicals used to kill termites.  There are particular dangers when chemical treatments are sprayed onto surfaces to which pets have access.  Curious dogs and cats may lick the chemicals, or ingest a toxic substance whilst cleaning their fur. 

Remember your fish tank too.  Although it might not be practical to move the tank, you should ensure that it is completely covered up to prevent any droplets of insecticide from ending up in the water and killing your fish.  Caged birds should also be removed from your home during termite treatments.

Before the pest control company commences treatment of your home, always ask whether the products they are proposing to use are safe for pets.  If you are in any doubt, be on the safe side by removing your pets to boarding kennels for the duration of the treatment.

What about outside the house?

Many people's pets are free to roam around the outside of their house.  If you have outbuildings, woodpiles, or areas around your home's foundations that have been treated for termite infestation, you must take the same precautions for your pets' safety as you would for inside your home.

When the treatment has been concluded, don't assume that the rain will wash any toxic chemicals away completely; always ask your pest control firm for the all-clear before you allow your pets outside again.

Pet-safe treatments

There are some termite treatments that are pet-friendly.  These products do not contain the same concentration of chemical pesticides as standard treatments, so the treatment duration is longer, but they are safe to use in a house with pets. 

If you have a small termite infestation, your pest controller may be able to use a natural treatment.  There are a few different options available that don't involve the use of chemicals, such as freezing, electrocution and heat treatment.

In conclusion

Termites are undoubtedly a serious pest problem that should be treated professionally.  Have a chat with your local pest control company for more advice and information of what pet-friendly treatments are available.