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Three Key Points of a Pre-Purchase Building Pest Inspection for New Homebuyers

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When you begin looking for a new home, there are certain things you need to take into consideration. In addition to the things you can see, like broken windows or old appliances, there are things you can't see that should be considered as well. One of the key features you won't be able to see with your home are pest issues, like termites.  Before you wait for a pest inspection, consider the three key points that a pre-purchase building pest inspection covers for your potential new home.

Termite Inspection  

One of the most important points of the pre-purchase building pest inspection is the termite inspection. This inspection will cover all areas of the home including the roof, crawlspaces, and the foundation. If there are outlying buildings, such as a garden or tool shed, these will also be inspected for possible termite infestation. If termites are found, a recommendation for possible cost and treatment will be provided on the termite report.  The report will also show if no termites were found as proof of the inspection point.

Photo Reports

One aspect of this type of building inspection are photo reports. Though the written report will show any findings from the inspectors, the photos will serve as evidence of those findings. The benefit of these photos, in addition to providing evidence of the report, is to give you a visual report of what the home looked like prior to purchase. This is important if there are any issues during closing with the home, how it looks, or damages that may occur.

Environmental Issues

Another point that may be covered on your inspection are environmental issues that may affect the level of pests and future pest control problems over the next several years. This can be valuable information if you don't want to go over budget or have high out-of-pocket expenses for problems that could have been prevented early on. Some issues that may affect pest control would be severe rain, changes in weather condition, flood drainage, and age of the home itself.

Remember that the report not only helps you know if the home is what you want, but also it gives you a starting point for repairs. If there are severe termite or pest issues that affect the homes stability, then you have the report to show where those issues are. This will help contractors repair any problems after the pests are removed.

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