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Top 4 Factors That Affect The Cost Of Termite Control

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Termites are notorious pests that can cause serious wood damage. A professional pest inspection will confirm the presence of termites. You will then need the services of a professional exterminator with the working knowledge, practical skills, and experience of all things termite control.

 How much you will have to pay for these services is dependent on several factors, including the following:

1. The Type of Treatment

Liquid chemical treatments and termite baiting systems are the two main types of methods used in termite control. Each has its distinct advantages, and the methods will also differ in price. Termite baiting systems are generally cheaper.

You should not choose one method over the other based on just the price. Your termite control expert will recommend the plan that is best suited to your situation.

In addition to the treatment targeting the extermination of an active infestation, you may also choose to invest in preventive measures and treatments to keep away termites in the future. Doing so will cost you a little extra, although you can be sure that it will be well worth every penny.

2. The Type of Termites and Size of Infestation

Some termite species are generally more difficult to deal with compared to others. Effective termite control of these species will require the input of more resources, which will, in turn, drive up the costs. The pest inspector will be able to tell you which type of species you have on your property and the possible cost implications.

More termites mean putting more resources toward effective control and complete extermination. It goes without saying, therefore, that the bigger the size of the infestation, the more you will need to pay for termite control.

3. Accessibility of the Infestation Site

Accessibility is a big deal in the pricing of both spot and whole-property treatments. Subterranean termites can burrow deep within your foundation. Dry wood termites may also hide behind the walls. All the extra work that goes into accessing these hard-to-reach areas will be reflected in the termite control quote you will get. 

4. The Number of Treatments

It may take several treatments for effective termite control. Multiple treatments will definitely cost you more. Additionally, initial treatment will usually cost more than subsequent booster treatments.

Termites may leave holes in your wood, but with an affordable termite control service, getting rid of them doesn't have to leave too big a hole in your pocket.